Playing With My Money Is Like Playing With My Emotions


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released October 30, 2016



all rights reserved


BIG WORM Phoenix, Arizona

"Get over here Smokey, where is my cash at?" - Big Worm

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Track Name: Anarchy's for Teenagers
I don't want a job. Fuck cops. Skateboarding is not a crime. I'm 16, but I already understand how the world works. I don't need money or your rules. Anarchy is for teenagers. Once I was fired from work, fuck that job. I can hold my beer as well as anyone in their 20's. You gain nothing from education. All governments are shit. George Bush I hate you, why did you do 9/11? We know all your secrets. Can you buy me stoges?
Track Name: Gang Banging is Lonely
Wake up, pound a 40, it's time to get ready. Cruising the block on foot. Unemployed. Well, technically. Gang banging is a full time under the table job. No payroll, fuck that shit. 401k unnecessary. However, sometimes I can't find my friends. Lot's of them locked up, I'm so lonely. Where are they? I am so alone. Lot's of them locked up, I'm so lonely. Where are they? I am so desperate. Where? Where are the homies at? Homies, where are you? Homies, where are you cause I'm bored. I could really go for some fun.
Track Name: Playing With My Money is Like Playing With My Emotions
Damn, sup Big Worm? How much you got left? Man, I got a lot. You still ain't sold that weed, Smokey? Man, I'm trying to, Worm. Niggas are broke these days. I don't think you applying yourself, Smokey. Huh? You smoking my shit? Hell nah fuck with your shit? Hell nah. You smoking my shit? Now why would I do some shit like that? I'm going to have fuck you up, Smokey. Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions. Worm...